Tuesday, October 9, 2012

First Outfit Post

          Yay! So this is my first outfit post, This was my outfit when I had my haircut a week ago. I like the combination of my outfit so I gathered the courage to post this and making it my first ever outfit post. 

         My main piece from this outfit is the grey knit top. I decided to pair it with cute fine shorts since it would be too much conservative (for me) if I will still pair it with a pants. So I chose this cute fine shorts with orange hue to pair the grey knit top since pairing it with maong or black shorts doesn't fit my taste. Good thing this color combination perfectly compliments each other. 

I then decided to add this brown belt, I don't know why, it just looks perfect with the top and bottom.

I wore these gold sequined shoes to complete the whole outfit, this flats actually looks great on anything. Well, for those outfit with girl-next-door ones--of course. :) Would you believe these shoes are only around P199? Got it from a sale @ SM Dept. Store.

So to finally complete my simple outfit, I chose to use this Douney & Bourke bag that looks so classic and fab just about with anything. Also, I wore this very nice gold ring with emerald stone on it. Don't be deceived, that ring only costs around 2 USD. :D

          Here's a snapshot of how it looks like: (Sorry but I do not have photographer so this is the best whole outfit I could take. :D)

----- 'til my next post! See yah! -----

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