Monday, September 24, 2012

Rings from Ebay

           Fab rings are always part of fashion, may it be thin rings or those of this kind with huge gem stones. I found these rings on Ebay and they are under auction so I bid on them and finally won them! I fell inlove with them as soon as I saw them. The pictures on Ebay are exactly the same as the actual ones, well, except for the size of course. Me, personally, is so inlove with anything that sparkles so that includes earrings, rings, necklace, anything! As of now, I'm always eyeing on those gems with red color stones. Either ruby or garnet. Also, I was looking for black-colored stones, but I haven't seen one that is for sale nor for auction so I bought the green one instead (though it doesn't look green in the picture, it is an emerald stone). These lovely items are gold/silver plated only and not pure gold, of course. But believe me, they look so good in person. I've seen feedbacks that they tarnish easily, but I have on my end, no they do not. I've worn the gold one around 10 times already, but still looks perfectly fine. Even with the silver ring with garnet stone, it still looks perfectly fine even if I've worn it a few times already. I only wore it few times because I'm being cautious. Yeah, you wouldn't want to expose that huge ring filled with stones in public nowadays. So I only wear it few times since I bought it. :) But, with the gold one, I always wear it with me, especially because it isn't that big. I do get a lot of compliments about it looking so nice, but I think not to the point that bad guys would want to take the risk and get it from my finger. :D Overall, I'm so happy with these finds. Especially because I got the rings for around one-two dollars only and around three dollars for the pair of earrings.

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